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Our privacy policy, which sets out how we will use your information, can be found at Privacy Policy. By using this Website, you consent to the processing described therein and you warrant that all data provided by you is accurate and up to date. You are responsible for maintaining and promptly updating account information for accuracy and completeness.


Intellectual Property

The whole of this website including photos, images, text, graphics, source code, databases, drawings, news, images, software, applications, provided services and any kind of file and content is subject to intellectual property of mahagon.gr and/ or its licensors, after the necessary authorization has been granted by them to be posted on the website, and is governed by Greek, European and international legislation on intellectual property. Consequently, any reproduction, republishing, copying, storage, sale, transfer, distribute, publish, perform, translate, modify in any way, in whole, part or in summary without the prior written permission of the beneficiary / owner is forbidden. Exceptionally, a single storage and only one copy of part of the website content in a personal computer for personal and in no case for public or commercial use is allowed, without affecting in any way the rights of intellectual and industrial property. In this case it is expressly prohibited omitting the indication of origin from mahagon.gr. Also, any pictures or logos and trademarks representing third parties, and the products or services are proprietary marks and are protected by applicable trademark laws. Their appearance in website should in no way be deemed as a transfer and / or conveyance of license and / or a right of use.

User Obligations

The use of website should be conducted for lawful purposes only and in a manner that does not restrict or prevent its use by third parties. Users of the website are required to use this website in accordance with these terms and not in a way that causes damage or dysfunction in it affecting its proper and smooth operation.

Website Usage Eligibility – Protection of Minors

This website is not designed to be addressed to minors. The products and services of the website are intended only for adults over the age of eighteen (18) years. Therefore, adults are required by law to protect underage Internet users that may have access to the website. This website accepts no responsibility for any use of this website by minors and the subsequent purchase from them of products that are available in it.

Purchase of Goods-Payment Method-Return Policy

The products displayed in mahagon.gr are presented in retail prices including VAT. Besides the cost of retail, each user / customer pays the transportation costs if that is applicable, the amount of which will be announced before the final submission of the order. The company may change the prices of its products. Any amendment will not affect existing orders that are processed or shipped.
Payment of products can be made with one of the following ways: Bank transfer and cash on delivery. After the checkout an email confirming the order which will include all these forms of payment will be send to the customer.
The client upon receiving of the product is responsible to check whether the packaging is intact and if the condition of goods received is the desired or there are any obvious problems or product defects in order not to lose any rights under the law on defective products .
If the user / client after receiving the order, wishes to return a product, the company has a policy regarding returns of products sold through its website which in accordance with the European and Greek legislation on consumer protection. In this case the customer may return the product within (14) fourteen calendar days of its receipt of as is shown by  the manifest of the transport company from which it was received. For the product to be returned it must be in perfect condition and in undamaged packaging and must not be used. In this case, the customer shall be charged with the shipping costs to the company.
No refund is made for any product in any way. If a product proves to be defective subject to any guarantee of the company that produced it, the responsibility of repair and / or replacement falls to it.

Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability

Users agree that use of this website is entirely at their own risk. Without limitation, the Company makes no representations and warranties of non-infringement, the absence of the other hidden defects accuracy or lack of errors or is recognizable or not. Therefore, the company disclaims any liability for: a) errors, inaccuracies loss content of the website and and/ or the suspension of user b) any damage arising from the use of the website, correct and and/ or otherwise, c) unauthorized access the server using the personal data of users, d) any interference, destruction, reduction and / or containment of the Site, e) viruses, trojans horses, malware, adware or other harmful code that can be transmitted from the website or using any third party, use and / or use the website, f) any errors from acts or omissions regarding the content and / or for any loss or damage incurred as a result of the use of such content. Also, the company can not guarantee the availability and / or price stability of clotheswear available through its website. Availability and / or offer of clotheswear for sale on this web site is not considered endorsement and / or recommendation by the Company for the respective goods.
The use of this website entails the use of the internet which is a medium outside the jurisdiction and control of the company. The company therefore not liable for any delays, failures, interruptions or damage any data or information related to it. Provided different statutory regulation by applicable law, in no event shall the Company be liable to the user under any legal theory relating to special, incidental, arising, imposed as a penalty or exemplary damages arising from the use of this website yet and whether the company is aware of the possibility of such damages.
Users of this website expressly agree that the Company, as a clotheswear retailer is not responsible in any degree for any reason to problems that may arise with the quality and / or functionality of the products it sells. Therefore, the company is not responsible in any degree for actions, omissions, mistakes, warranty claims, violations, negligence, its suppliers and / or injury, death, property damage, other losses, costs that can arise from these. Also, the company does not give any warranty for the items it sells, the security of which is borne exclusively by the manufacturing companies themselves. Based on the same reasoning, the lack of availability of products shown on the website of the company does not imposes any responsibility and / or liability towards its users.
Use of this website takes place with the unconditional agreement of users that the company cannot be held liable in any way for any and any direct and / or indirect, special and and/ or consequential, incidental and / or consequential damage resulting from the use of these even if the company is aware of the possibility of such damages.


On the website it may be posted periodically or permanently Links (Links) to websites or websites of third parties (partners and and/ or advertisers). The availability, content, privacy policy (Privacy), the quality and completeness of such websites or websites is not controlled and therefore the website does not accept liability for providing these services. In no case the company can be deemed to agree or accept the contents and / or services of these websites or web pages, and / or be associated in any way with those of the reference links that are posted on the website.



Governing Law Links

The company is a Greek company and therefore its operation is governed by Greek, European and international law. In case of controversy or dispute between itself and any third party or parties responsible for solving the dispute are the ratione materiae courts of Thessaloniki unless the company itself chooses otherwise. For any possible and / or subsequent dispute, controversy or dispute, jurisdiction will be the Greek judicial system or the trial or the arbitration / mediation between the parties. In particular, issues related dispute or difference relating to the Internet, the general rules of the Greek Civil and Criminal Procedure as well as the Public and Private International Law will apply.

Modifications of Terms and Conditions of Use

The terms and conditions of this are governed by Greek, European and international law. So, any provision of the above rendered opposite to the law, it ceases to be valid and automatically removed by this, without in any way affect the validity of the remaining terms. This constitutes the entire agreement between the travelsales.gr and visitors / users of the site and its services and commits only themselves. No modification of these terms will not be taken into consideration and be a part of this agreement, unless expressed in writing and incorporated herein. The company reserves the right to modify these terms, as well as the general conditions of participation at any time without prior notice.


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